German Writing Tutoring Levels A1-C2 on Zoom

1 Lesson of 30 Minutes from

 4 USD / € / CHF*

1. Tutoring Description:

This tutoring’s Main Focus is Improvement of Written Expression in German. It is available for Levels A1 to C2, in Private Tuitiondaily (incl. on weekends and hoildays) between 08:00 and 22:00 CET. To be admitted, you must be 30 years old or older and be fluent in English, Spanish, French, Russian or Ukrainian.

This tutoring is free of charge for Ukranians worldwide. Russians living in the Russian Federation or abroad will not be admitted in any case.

2. Participation Requirements:

You have to submit your own text drafts before lesson start. I will not write new texts for you, but only help you to improve your own creations.

3. Technical Requirements

4. About your Language Coach ( Teacher & Tutor)

5. FAQ

6. General Terms & Conditions

*Sample price for select countries. Price for Switzerland: 30 CHF.

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