1.3. German Tutoring A1-C2 on Zoom: Main Focus on Pronunciation


3a81 Session of 45 Minutes from

1 USD / € / CHF*

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*Sample price for participants / students from following countries (among others): Cameroon, Egypt,  India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Price for Canada: 10.33 USD / € / CHF, Dubai: 3.20 USD / € / CHF, Hong Kong: 5 USD / € / CHF, Indonesia: 1.19 USD / € / CHF, Israel: 8.17 USD / € / CHF, Russia: 1.50 USD / € / CHF, Saudi Arabia: 4 USD / € / CHF, Switzerland: 15 CHF, Turkey: 3 USD / € / CHF, USA: 7.25 USD. Consult the Price for your Country here. Read about my Payment Policy.

Each session must be paid in full before the start in United States dollars (USD), euros (€) or Swiss francs (CHF). Payment methods are PayPal, Paysend and Western Union. You can have your sessions 365 days, from 7 AM to 10 PM Zurich / Paris / Madrid Time (CET). Check your time zone here.

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Technical Requirements:

The communication tool Zoom. To get the best connection out of it, please:

a. Ensure that you are connected to a wire (ethernet) network. Avoid using wireless networks or WiFi.

b. Ensure that Zoom is the only software running on your system. Shut down all other applications (email, browser, Facebook, etc.) before your session starts.

c. Work in a quiet place.

d. Use good headphones. Avoid using the computer or notebook speakers.

e. Use a good USB microphone. Avoid using the computer or notebook microphone.

What you will train:

During your tutoring session, you will specifically train your pronunciation skills and you will get from me an individual feedback that will help you to pronounce correctly German.

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