German Phonetics: CH Like ICH / IPA Symbol: ç

This sound does not exist in English. It is similar to the sound of h in the word hue. It exists in Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish (Chile) and others .

This sound is formed when air flows between the hard palate (a.) and the middle-back of the tongue (b.), while the tongue tip touches the surface of the lower front teeth (c.). The vocal folds in the neck should not vibrate.


Consonant Type: 


1. After vowels e, i, ä, ö, ü: echt, leichtich, mächtig, Töchter, Bücher
2. After consonants l, n, r: Milch, Männchen, Storch
3. In ending -chen: Mädchen
4. In ending -ig: richtig
5. As Initial ch- in front of vowels e and i: chemischChina


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