General Terms and Conditions


a. Payment:

Payment methods are PayPal or bank transfer.

I recommend PayPal, because it offers you a Buyer Protection that applies if the course or the tutoring lesson has not been provided or you don’t like them.

b. Course programs:

You must accept the course programs before course start. I only teach using these programs and no content changes are possible.

c. Organization:

For organizational reasons, I reserve the right to postpone course or tutoring lessons or to cancel them with a refund.

If you have to cancel a course or tutoring session, please do it with common sense or you may lose it without a refund.

d. Disruptions, force majeure, operation closure and restrictions, network and server errors or viruses:

I bear no responsibility for damages caused by force majeure or natural events, network and server errors, for connection and transmission errors and other disorders not caused by me.

I bear no responsibility for damage caused by viruses or similar data.

e. Technical equipment:

I bear no responsibility for your technical equipment (e.g. modem, computer, headset, microphone, etc.).

You are exclusively responsible for the condition of your personal equipment and for performing the obligatory technical steps (e.g.  download of the required tool to communicate online).

f. Exclusion

I reserve the right to exclude participants from a course or tutoring lesson without any refund.

An exclusion is due in serious cases such as defamation, harassment, lack of computer skills, i.a.

g. Changes:

I reserve the right to change the course programs, the prices and these General Terms & Conditions at any time.

h. Court of jurisdiction:

All legal matters are subject to Swiss law.

The court of jurisdiction is Aarau (Switzerland).