FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Course & Tutoring Offer

2. Prices

3. Payment methods

4. Course & Tutoring Time

5. Course & Tutoring Place

6. About Zoom

1. What German courses and tutoring do you offer?

The teaching form is private tuition (1:1 lessons). I do not offer group courses or tutoring. My teaching approach is communicative

To be admitted, you must be at least 30 years old and be fluent in English. 

2. How much do you charge for 1 course or for 1 tutoring lesson?

Sample prices for select countries:

  • Level A1-2 Course = 225 Lessons of 30 minutes: 450 USD  / 450 € /  450 CHF (= 2 USD / 2 € / 2 CHF per lesson).
  • 1 Writing or Pronunciation Tutoring Lesson of 30 minutes: 4 USD / 4 € / 4 CHF. 
  • 1 Swiss Naturalisation, Citizenship and Passport Course Lesson of 30 minutes: 15 CHF.

It is my commitment to charge prices that are at least 50% cheaper than those proposed by the Goethe-Institut branch or their partners for the same services in your country.

All prices are negotiable and payment in monthly installments is available to pay the Level A1-2 Course.

To get the exact Level A1-2 Course or Writing / Pronunciation Tutoring price for your country, please contact me here.

3. How can I pay the courses and tutoring?

With online payment systems or per bank transfer. Please contact me for further details.

4. When do the courses and tutoring take place?

From Monday to Sunday (holidays included), between 07:00 / 7 am and 22:00 / 10 pm CET = Switzerland / Germany time.

5. Where do the courses and tutoring take place?

On Zoom.

6. How do I get the best connection with Zoom?

a. Ensure that you are connected to a wired network (ethernet) or to a reliable Wi-Fi.

b. Ensure that Zoom is the only software running on your device. Shut down all other apps and programs (email, Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Word, etc.) during the lesson.

c. Work in a quiet place.

d. Use good headphones with integrated microphone. Do not use the computer / tablet / smartphone speakers and microphone.

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