1.1. German Course A1/1, A1/2 & A1/3 on Zoom


73 Levels of 25 Sessions of 45 Minutes from

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Technical Requirements:

The communication tool Zoom.

Course Description:

For practical reasons, this German Course A1 for Beginners is divided into the Levels A1/1, A1/2 and A1/3. These can be attended independently from each other. At the end of this course, you should be able to pass the “Zertifikat A1” Exam of the Goethe-Institut successfully.

Course Levels & Programs:


Course Program, Grammar and Phrases (PDF File).

Click the links to watch Sample Videos: 1. Greetings & farewells. 2. Introducing yourself and introducing your family, friends, etc. 3. Talking about food, beverage, prices and currencies. 4. Describing your house, flat, etc. 5. Telling the time and talking about your daily routine.


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What You Will Train:

During each course session you will specifically train your chatting and your speaking skills and get from me an individual feedback that will help you to express yourself fluently in German.

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