1.7. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about my German Courses and Tutoring on Zoom.



A. About the Form of the Courses and Tutoring

1. Do you offer free courses or lessons?

No, but I have a Free German Learning Group on Telegram that you may join anytime.

2. Do you offer free tutoring online?

Yes, in my Free German Learning Group on Telegram.

3. What is your payment policy?

I usually charge  the hourly minimum wage rate of your country for 1 session of 45 minutes, but never less than 1 USD (United States dollar). If you live in Switzerland, you will pay 25 CHF (Swiss francs) per session.

I use the statitstics of the International Labour Organization (ILO) as source of information. You will have to provide your IP address in order for me to check in which country you are actually located.

The course or session must be paid in full before the start. The payment methods are PayPal and Western Union.

PayPal offers you a Buyer Protection that applies if a service you have hired has not been provided or if it is significantly not as described by the provider.


B. About my Teaching Program and Approach

1. What kind of course is a “German Course A1”?

It’s a course for beginners where you will learn to use the German language on an elementary level.

A1 is a level of competence of the Common European Frame Of Reference For Languages (CEFR)

2. What language teaching approach do you use?

The “Communicative Teaching Approach”: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communicative_language_teaching

3. What teaching guidelines do you follow?

I follow the teaching guidelines of the most famous Swiss quality label for further education institutions.


C. About the Technical Requirements

1. What communication tools do you use for your courses and tutoring online?

I use the free communication tool Zoom. It allow users to have a video conference or an audio discussion, to chat, share content and annotate materials.

2. Do I have to buy the “Zoom” communication tools?

No. It is free.

3. How does the “Zoom” communication tools work?

The software is delivered over the web as you need it. You can use it from any computer with an internet connection and from most smartphones and tablets.

You will receive an invitation email with a link that you can click to join the course or tutoring session online.

During your meeting, you can have a video conference or an audio discussion, chat, share content and annotate materials.

4. How do I get the best connection out of the “Zoom” communication tool?

a. Ensure that you are connected to a wire (ethernet) network. Avoid using wireless networks or wi-fi.

b. Ensure that “Zoom” is the only software running on your system. Shut down all other applications (email, browser, Facebook, etc.) before your session starts.

c. Work in a quiet place.

d. Use good headphones. Avoid using the computer or notebook speakers.

e. Use a good USB microphone. Avoid using the computer or notebook microphone.

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