Talk to humans, not to apps!

You are learning a foreign language but you never talk to natives. You work only with apps. Does this make sense?

I am fluent in 4 foreign languages. I learnt them in courses at school or at the university.

Then I had the opportunity to practice almost all of them in the countries and regions of my multicultural country (Switzerland) where these languages are spoken, and I keep on doing so, because learning a foreign language is a process that never ends.

Since I am almost 50 years old, I grew up back then when internet didn’t even exist. TV has always been of great help, as well as surrounding myself with native speakers, making friends among them.

As a German teacher, I am often confronted with the question: “How can I improve my spoken German?”

My answer is: Stop learning exclusively with apps! They are not human! Languages were developed to communicate with other people! So come on, leave your comfort zone and start talking to native speakers of your target language! Make new friends among them!

I offer you German Tutoring with Main Focus Speaking on Zoom, Skype or Cisco Webex at prices of your country. I have more than 25 years’ teaching experience and I have also experience as a student, since I am learning 3 new languages this way.

Find more information here: or contact me directly using WhatsApp +41794801527.

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