German Phonetics: R like REGEN and BRINGEN / IPA Symbol: ʀ

This sound does not exist in English. It exists in Danish, French, Hebrew, Swedish, Yiddish, i.a..


This sound is formed when the back of the tongue (a.) is pushed back upwards and the airflow is directed over the uvula (b.). The uvula and the vocal folds in the neck vibrate.

Consonant Type:

Voiced uvular trill


1. At word beginning: Rahmen, rauchenregnenreisen, reuen, Rhytmusriechen, Risiko, rot, Ruhe, Rätsel, Räuberrömisch

2. Between vowels: Aarebayrisch, Eritrea, Beirut, euredirektgierigmoralisch, Guru, Ära, bäurisch, Möhre

3. After consonants: bratengebrauchen, umdrehenbefreien, FreudeKapriolekriechen, trotzdem, Brust, drängen, Fräulein, Grösse

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